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Hudsons Malamutes - Ursa

130 lbs
advertising weight
107 lbs. - real weight

27" at the shoulder

Hudsons Malamutes - Ursa
born March 14, 1998
Hudsons Malamutes - Ursa
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Hudsons Malamutes - Ursa
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Ursa is my baby...
Sorry to say, but she is my favorite female Malamute. Before I owned Ursa, I called about getting her for six months. Barbie Corwin finally gave in after about the hundredth phone call. When I first saw Ursa, I knew she was mine. The day I brought her home, I was jumping up and down and couldn't believe she was finally home!
Her favorite thing to do is lean on your leg so you will pet her. She will also flip over for a belly rub. Anything for attention! She also loves car rides. She has to be helped up into the car (the queen can not possibly exert herself). She enjoys being in the house as well as out. She is a bit bossy with the other girls, but she can be so gentle with her babies.
She is all of what the show standards call for and more. Ursa comes from a high show larger size line. She has 28 out of 30 champions in a four generation AKC Pedigree.
Pedigree includes Snow Song's, Mals/About's, Wild Wind's, Big Paw, Keeley's, Storm Kloud's, Silver Frost.

from Jolene, July 18, 2005
I write this letter to all of you that like to keep up with what is going on at Hudson's Kennel.
I write this and my heart is breaking.
My best friend passed yesterday on 7-17-2005. She was so young. I can not write in words how much my baby Ursa meant to me.
She was my friend, my helper, my biggest pain in the butt and the dog that challenged me the most.
I know many of us have lost our furry friends in the past but you just know that some are more special than others.

Ursa had a complicated pregnancy from the start. She started spotting four weeks into the pregnancy. Weeks passed and it looked like we were in the clear. Everything was great with her except for the continual spotting. Weeks later she seemed to have started labor and she was starting to stress out some. We contacted the vet and a C-section was performed on May 10th three days prior to her due date. We had three babies that just were not going to make it. Something just wan't right. It wasn't meant to be I said.
Eight weeks later Ursa started showing signs of her herself having problems. I brought her into the vet and we did dozens of test. All tests to this day came back negative but Ursa was suspected to have a fungal infection in her lungs. The X-rays showed that Ursa had a lot of fluid built up in her lung section and was a really sick girl. Her immunity was low from the complicated pregnancy and it seemed because of this she had been susceptible to things normally she would not have been.
Ursa got very weak.
For a week Ursa was carried around with a towel hung around her belly because she couldn't stand on her own. I hand fed her every day encouraging her to eat anything. It ended up being fig newtons and canned mackerel were what she preferred. And occasionally Pringles potato chips were nice. She was welcome to anything as long as she ate.
I thought boy- am I going to have a time getting her to eat that crummy old dog food again....
I stayed by her side night and day. If she made a move at night I would jump up and see what she wanted. She would just look at me to say please help me outside. I just knew that this hard headed girl couldn't quit.
On July 16th I was sitting out front and she came crashing out the door on unsteady legs but by herself so she could go potty on her own without help. I went inside to get her towel. I walked out and she looked at me and again on unsteady legs wobbled away from me as if to say I don't need your help. I knew she was was going to be better. That hard headed girl wouldn't stop I just knew it, she was just too tough.
She seemed to be getting a little better every day except for her breathing. Her breaths were hard and heavy on her. And the airconditioning helped alot.
On Sunday, July 17th Ursa passed away in front of me. I cried, I screamed and I told her to wake up. She wouldn't. Not her! Not my Ursa! Not my baby! She couldn't do this to me. She is so young. She has so many years to annoy and be a pain.
It is hard being a breeder some times. This is the part that "isn't so fun".
Sometimes I ask myself how do we as breeders harden our hearts so it won't hurt so much? I have even asked a few breeders this very question. You can't... Part of being a good breeder is loving AND hurting everytime they hurt. Being there through the good and the bad. And losing as well as gaining everytime you help someone else's "Ursa" into the world. It is very rewarding knowing that I also am part of making that special love of someone else's life. It is so great when you get a call that says "I have the best dog in the world". You know they are all the "Best" and you were part of that.
I will always have Ursa in my heart and most of all in my visions of her. She will never come off of this web site. She was always #1 and always will be. She will always be a part of what this kennel is and has done. And I hope every one in the world will know and love just like Ursa and Me. And I will try to be at peace knowing I will one day see her again.

I Love you Ursa.  
Hudsons Malamutes - Ursa   Hudsons Malamutes - Ursa
Ursa - December 2004
Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, but to you goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.
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